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NEWS UPDATE:  Cinder will be bred in Spring of 2019

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I am a small Hobby breeder of quality CKC Shih Tzus.  We are located in Southern Manitoba.

The price of our Shih Tzu puppies starts at $1200.00 and prices go up to 1500.00  depending on pet/companion puppies.

Our puppies are not kennel raised, but raised in our home. This means that you are getting a much higher quality puppy and that an abundance of time and attention has been given to your puppy.  Our price means that an abundance of time and attention has gone into making sure that your puppy has had the right start in life as all puppies should, and that the transition from our home to yours will go very smoothly. By the time you take your baby home, he/she is already accustomed to people, attention, everyday noises in the home.

If you are interested in a puppy, please fill in our puppy application by visiting our contract page.  You will be contacted after I receive the application.

If you have any questions, please feel free in emailing me at casca1@mymts.net or visit our contact page to fill out our online contact form. 

Our Dedication:

  • Our dogs are housed in our home not cages.
  • Our dogs/puppies are feed premium high quality dog/puppy food and treats.
  • Our dogs/puppies are always kept in a clean enviroment.
  • Our dogs are first and foremost our pets/companions and not just breeders.
  • Our dogs/puppies are kept busy with toys and are well stimulated.
  • Our dogs/puppies have excellent veterinary care.
  • Our puppies are vet checked, healthy and have dewclaws removed.
  • Our dogs are healthy.
  • Our dogs are current on vaccinations & heartworm prevention programs.

Our Info

To download our contracts,  please click the link below and the pdf file will open in your web browser.  Please save the file.  It will be saved in download folder on your computer.



Phone: 204.324.8486

Mobile: 204.304.0717

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