Our Testimonials

Thought you might like to see how fast he is growing! He is absolutely PERFECT. Took him to Minnedosa and back today to see my Mom. He was so good in the car, took his pee pad and water bottle which he used and impressed Grandma! He learns so fast, I love him so much. Thank you, thank you
Thanks. Just to let you know, Tanner is doing very well. Slept most of the nite. He seems happy and content. You did a great job.
Shirley & Bill
Thank you so much for inviting us to meet Charlie last weekend. He has stolen our hearts and we can’t hardly wait to bring him home.
Just to let you know that Brie has settled very well into our house. Our big dog (Maddy – Rotti) and her play until they are both exhausted. Maddy is so gentle with her – it is wonderful to watch them.

I would say that 3 out of 5 times – Brie manages to go outside OR on her pee pad for most of her business – it has been really nice out and she enjoys it outside. We watch her and carry her up and down the stairs so far. She does attempt the stairs a little bit in the house – but we usually scoop her up and carry her up or down.

She is as black as ever and very few pictures of her turn out – all you can see is a sparkle of mischief in her eyes.

Have a great Christmas and thank you so much for her.

Shelly & Balder
Hi, Corrine,
I was thinking of you yesterday and thought I’d shoot you a quick update. Bella is wonderful. She is a quiet dog – she doesn’t bark unless she’s playing or really wants something. She is trained, and had her first real haircut yesterday, and is scheduled to be spayed in 2 weeks. We are thrilled with her, and so happy to have her. Davis, my oldest, looks out for her like he would a baby. He’s constantly making sure she is okay, and always needs to know where she is in the house. So cute.
Hi Corinne,

Bear is doing fantastic, we are so happy with him! We are looking for a playmate for Bear and were wondering when you might have some new puppies. We think Bear would love a new brother or sister.

Let us know if you have any new litters coming in the next year.



Hi Corrine,
Just a little update on Sophie. She is doing great. So happy & playful. Eating good, housetraining is now down to accidents & those are probably our fault for not reading the signs correctly. She is absolutely our little treasure & we can’t thank you enough for trusting us with her.